Small town life in a frigid winter landscape: A man running along the frozen lake before dawn. Alex Darkley loves nature, keeping in shape. He likes being a schoolteacher, hear the kids laughter and see them grow up. But the untroubled routine suddenly ends, when he’s haunted by violent nightmares, images he can not explain. Deprived from sleep, Alex tries to maintain in control, but only gets drawn deeper into an underworld of alienation, loneliness and fear. Even his girlfriend Sarah is not able to comfort him. When Alex mother’s mental state deteriorates and she is sent to a psychiatric clinic, Alex has to empty her apartment in the city. Determined to come to terms with his past, he temporarily moves to the gloomy flat he grew up in when he was a little boy. But unable to sleep, he aimlessly roams the street at night, searches the attic and his mother’s room for missing clues. Gradually reality and fiction start to shift: he hallucinates, experiences violet flashbacks and his mental state starts to shape his reality. The once good-spirited man from the country side slowly but incessantly gravitates towards the far shores of human behavior.